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We take a holistic approach when recommending ideal grass options for your outdoor area.  Sunlight, wind, soil temperature and frosts, all play a part in the growth and maintenance of the various lawn options.

 We work alongside a Kapiti-local plant nursery, so you can be sure to receive high-quality plants and the best advice.

Classic Kiwi Lawn

Ready-Lawn is already growing grass that is specifically cut, rolled and carefully transported to your home; then laid across the thick-layer of top soil we have prepared.   Multi Lawn is the most common ready-lawn with its versatility in both full-sun or shaded areas, as well as in high to low use situations.  Tall Fescue, Fine Fescue, Play lawn or Couch grass are other ready-lawn options we provide.

HydroSeeding is a cost effective option to obtain a healthy lawn.  It is a combination of water, premium grass seed, fertiliser and protective mulch which is sprayed across the top soil.  For best growth the ground needs to be warm and have sufficient watering.  

The detailed preparation required for Synthetic lawn is worth it, when you get to sit back and enjoy the extremely low maintenance yet highly functional space that has been created.


Plant it Your Way

We work alongside a Kapiti-local plant nursery, so you can be sure to receive high-quality plants and the best advice.


Although, choosing your own plants and spending time in your newly formed garden may be just what you’re after.  In-which-case, we are happy to use our machinery to bring in good quality top soil, compost or mulch to assist you in creating your own living paradise.




Mowing to an Edge

We will always recommend creating an edge between your garden and lawn.  This edging can create an interesting focal point through its curves or straight lines; using weathering steel, concrete, paving or a variety of timbers.  It also reduces effort when mowing your lawn, as it creates a perfect platform for your lawn mower to effectively cut the edges of the grass without disturbing the garden, fence or water feature that lays alongside it.


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